Onkyo unveils entry-level 2012 series home cinema receivers

Press Release dated: 13 Feb 2012

Onkyo is pleased to announce the release of the first models from its 2012 range. These comprise four receivers all engineered to deliver superior sound quality, better features, and even more outstanding value for money, compared to their outgoing equivalents.

The specific models covered in this release comprise the following models

TX-SR313 5.1-channel home cinema receiver
networked 5.1-channel home cinema receiver
networked 7.2-channel home cinema receiver
THX Select2 Plus-certified home cinema receiver

Beginning with the affordable TX-SR313 (100w per channel) this boasts WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology), a low negative-feedback design philosophy that reduces signal noise and guarantees superb performance with minimal distortion. Discrete output-stage components - not cheap ‘all-in-one’ chips - significantly improve audio quality.

A total of five HDMI ports enable 3D video support and there’s Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, an ARC facility (for routing TV audio back through to the receiver) as well as an interactive OSD. A USB port allows for direct digital connection of an iPod/iPhone or flash-memory device and total power output is 5 x 100w. Overall, the TX-SR313 is a great-sounding, feature-packed hub around which to build an excellent starter home cinema system.

Featuring wireless-capable home networking and even more power (5 x 130w), the TX-NR414 5.1-channel receiver allows users to integrate audio sourced from a PC, enjoy a vast selection of totally free internet radio stations, stream audio from subscription services such as (Spotify and SIMFY) and even enjoy ‘Cloud Locker’ music services such as MP3tunes. This receiver comes with six HDMI inputs, one HDMI output with ARC, and a frontally located USB port.

Although it comes with an excellent remote control users can also control the TX-NR414 with an iPod touch/iPhone or Android phone once they’ve downloaded a free Remote App. A slick GUI (Graphic User Interface) makes visually calibrating settings, controlling input sources, and streaming music from the handset (Android phone only) a stress-free experience.

Making its first ever appearance in a consumer home cinema receiver is InstaPrevue technology. This system provides live on-screen video thumbnails of the content playing on your HDMI-connected devices, making input source selection easier than ever. The ‘Q’ remote button overlays a ‘Quick Set-Up’ menu on the program being watched via HDMI - another example of how Onkyo is striving to make today’s technology easier to use.

Furthermore, Hybrid Standby allows HDMI pass-through to a consumer’s HDTV while the receiver is off, allowing the user to watch a Blu-ray with TV sound without wasting power, as well as allowing the receiver to be switched on from standby by Onkyo Remote Apps installed on an iPod Touch/iPhone/Android device.

That last feature will come in particularly handy for consumers who wish take advantage of the TX-NR414’s Zone 2 line-out facility which permits a different audio source to be replayed in a second room.

Building on the TX-NR414's feature set are the networked 7.2-Channel TX-NR515 and TX-NR616 receivers. Both feature a new front-panel input badged MHL/HDMI. What's MHL? Simple… MHL is a facility that allows the playback of 1080p video and stills with 7.1 channels of surround sound from smartphones and other portable devices.

The most powerful model in this release - the TX-NR616 (7 x 165w) - is backed by a THX Select2 Plus guarantee of cinema-quality sound. Achieving this demanding standard for audio quality is made possible partly by the use of Onkyo’s three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry in the amplifier stage.

Both receivers feature eight HDMI inputs and two rearside outputs for connecting both, say, an HDTV and a movie projector. On both models, HDMI allows the transportation of analogue video upscaled to 1080p - up to 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) when using a compatible 4K display - via onboard Qdeo processing technology by Marvell. These receivers are the second generation of Onkyo models to feature 4K2K upscaling, a feature still currently unique to the brand.

Connections for music are similarly abundant, with an additional USB port accepting a wireless LAN adapter (sold separately), leaving the front-mounted USB free for iPods, iPhones and other flash memory devices. Once connected to the local network, users get access to digital libraries and integrated online content. Additionally, the TX-NR515 (7 x 130w) offers distributed audio with Powered Zone 2, while the TX-NR616 adds Powered Zone 2 and a Zone 3 line-out.

While both receivers feature Dolby Pro Logic IIz expansion to incorporate Front Height channels - and convert stereo sources to surround sound - the TX-NR616 also includes Audyssey DSX expansion for additional Front Wide channels. Both systems provide a more realistic movie or gaming experience. Users can also connect two subwoofers via parallel pre-outs in a 7.2-channel set-up. Naturally, Audyssey 2EQ room acoustic correction ensures the best possible performance in any listening space.

These debut models from Onkyo’s 2012 range redefine what kind of features and performance the consumer can expect at the entry level and graphically illustrate that the brand is continuing to drive the home entertainment market forward with innovation, imagination, and style


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