Press release of the TX-SR506/576

Press Release dated: 30 Apr 2008

Onkyo redefines the entry level and markets two new, affordably priced AV receivers

Equipped with a wide range of unique features, Onkyo now sets new standards for the smallest AV receivers

Gröbenzell, March 20, 2008. What used to be exclusive to considerably more expensive home theater systems can now be found in the new entry-level receivers from Onkyo – the TX-SR506 and the TX-SR576. While the term “entry-level” is usually thought to be synonymous with “standard equipment” and “low-priced”, Onkyo now presents two powerful 7.1 AV receivers with an impressive range of rich features that sport 3 HDMI inputs with complete 1080p compatibility, Audyssey’s latest 2EQ room-correction system and Dynamic EQ loudness control technology and the highly praised Onkyo sound and workmanship quality to easily match the technical level and sound quality of higher priced segments. The TX-SR576 also scores additional points with the Dolby Digital Plus decoder and the ability to control other home theater components via HDMI.

Experience High Definition in a new way
With a trio of HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, the two new kids on the block are the ideal control centers to connect several HDMI sources, such as a HD-Sat receiver or Blu-ray player, with just a single cable to a full HD or HD-ready television set or projector. HDMI delivers the video signal of up to three sources with a resolution of 720p, 1080i or 1080p directly to the HD screen. From an acoustic point of view, the TX-SR576 in particular is ready for the HD era: thanks to HDMI 1.2a and the integrated Dolby Digital Plus decoder, the high-definition sound experience of many Blu-ray disks and different HD television programs can now be enjoyed to the fullest in the listening zone.

Experience enhanced sound performance
Powerful multi-channel film sound or multi-faceted music reproduction in your own living room – the Audyssey 2EQ calibration system in both receivers makes your sound experience more compressed, more intense and more lifelike. The automatic sound calibration system adjusts each speaker to provide for the optimal speaker settings and fine-tunes the sound reproduction to the listening room and its individual acoustic conditions. Audyssey Dynamic EQ is also able to considerably improve the sound quality perceived at low volume levels: professionals usually work with a relatively loud, so-called “reference level”. But because the volume levels are usually lower in home theater systems, much less bass is heard and the voices and the penetrating power of the special effects are reduced significantly. Audyssey Dynamic EQ calculates the best level distribution and the optimal frequency response for every volume – which also guarantees a fabulous listening experience that won’t have your neighbors pounding on the walls.

MP3 or AAC files sound good on portable media players – but when they are played on a high-quality home theater system, the limits of their sound capabilities are soon reached. The Music Optimizer restores a significant part of the information lost in the high frequency range and compressed music comes alive again with a much more natural, differentiated sound quality.

Not every user is able to set up a complete 7.1 system in one listening room. But the two output stages for the surround back channels can still be used quite effectively: if very high-end speakers with a dual connection terminal are used for the right and left front channel, both receivers in the 5th row are able to drive the speakers to maximum performance with bi-amplification. This results in a particularly impressive, powerful and clear reproduction of film sound or music and fans of stereo music in particular will greatly appreciate this new feature.

Easy, practical, versatile
In addition to the living room, both receivers are capable of providing a second listening zone with sound. An additional pair of speakers in a second listening area (e.g. kitchen or bathroom) can be connected to the line-out for Zone 2 to output a second stereo source of your choice, while the audience in the “main room” enjoys 5.1-channel surround sound.

The TX-SR576 is compatible with selected Blu-ray players, HDTV displays and DVD player/recorders and thanks to Onkyo’s RIHD makes it possible to exchange control commands between the components of different manufacturers. This enables the user to operate different functions for different components – volume levels or standby operation, for example – with just one remote control. The TX-SR576 is compatible with Panasonic’s VIERA link, Toshiba’s CE link, Sharp’s AQUOS link and Samsung’s Anynet+-function.

With the optionally available Onkyo RI docking station, virtually any current iPod* can also be connected with the home theater system and operated using the Onkyo AV receiver’s remote control unit. The RI-compatible remote control unit, which comes included with the receiver, is already programmed to accommodate the most popular consumer electronics equipment and enables the direct operation of many of the home theater components.

Price and availability
The recommended retail price for the Onkyo TX-SR506 is EUR 349.00, while the Onkyo TX-SR576 will be sold at a recommended retail price of EUR 429.00. Both receivers will be available from leading specialist retailers from early April 2008.

* iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod 5th generation, iPod 4th generation, iPod nano 3rdnd generation, iPod nano 1st generation, iPod mini Please note that iPods of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation are not supported. generation, iPod nano 2

About Onkyo
Onkyo is a world leader in hi-fi and home theater consumer electronics. The company has a rich product portfolio, ranging from classic audio equipment such as amplifiers, tuners and CD players to home theater components like AV receivers and DVD players and specialized equipment like mini systems, life-style devices and all-in-one solutions. Onkyo also manufactures and markets loudspeakers for these segments and is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of loudspeaker chassis, which it supplies to global OEM customers in the automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industries.

Onkyo was formed in 1946 under the name “Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K” in Osaka, Japan. Today the Onkyo Corporation comprises four business units. The best-known of these worldwide is the Audio/Video Consumer Electronics unit, which manages the brands Integra and Integra Research, as well as the main Onkyo brand. The Onkyo Corporation is headquartered in Osaka and has 13 subsidiaries and four group companies worldwide. Onkyo’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Naoto Otsuki.

During the early phases of its history, Onkyo grew as an innovator and specialist in audio, making the name Onkyo synonymous with music excellence, high-quality loudspeakers and first-rate hi-fi components. Through the 1970s, Onkyo stereo receivers were critically acclaimed. The products of the 1980s, including cassette tape decks, M-series amplification, turntables, AM/FM tuners like the 4040 and the 8080, and receivers garnered acclaim from critics and consumers. In the 1990s, Onkyo, with its many in-house developments and technological firsts, moved to the forefront of home theater equipment and today enjoys an outstanding reputation in this field.

Onkyo Europe Electronics GmbH, formed in Munich in 1972, is Onkyo Corporation’s European office. It employs around 30 people and supervises Onkyo subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe.

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