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A comprehensive overview of new Onkyo Remote App for Android (Beta) - now available free of charge in the Android Market. Onkyo's Remote App for Android allows owners to stream audio wirelessly from an Android-based device to their Onkyo A/V or hi-fi system, as well as providing a wide range of remote control functions.

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Wie Ihr die Remote App für Android so konfiguriert, dass sie sich bei Aufruf automatisch mit Eurem Receiver verbindet

about 1784 days ago
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What is more: You could also use our remote app for music selection and playback. Join our TX-NR626 competition - we continue tomorrow...

about 1792 days ago
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@Gillespie05 Sorry, we don't have those remotes on stock but would recommend to use a universal remote instead (e.g. Logitech Harmony)

about 1803 days ago
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@DMD9_ Many thanks for the comprehensive review about our Remote App!

about 1808 days ago
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@Inhmtech Sorry, iPhone support via USB isn't implemented, we offer to stream music via integrated Bluetooth and with our remote app via net

about 1810 days ago
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@JosWijnen The codes are preprogrammed in the remote control, other codes aren't supported. We would recommend a universal remote control.

about 1818 days ago
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@Gsxr750y We would recommend to use an universal remote.

about 1887 days ago
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@mikehemmingsuk There is no remote code available for it. We would recommend to use an universal remote control.

about 1888 days ago
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@Gsxr750y Sorry, but remote codes for these models are not implemented.

about 1890 days ago
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@rienkalberts This remote control discontinued. But you could use a universal remote control, like for example Logitech Harmony.

about 1916 days ago