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Preview of the new TX-NR414 5.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver. Features: Cloud-Based Audio Streaming and Internet Radio (e.g. MP3tunes,, Spotify, AUPEO!, vTuner) * InstaPrevue Technology Makes Switching Sources Easy * Onkyo Remote Apps for iPod touch/iPhone and Android * Save Power with Hybrid Standby* WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) * Overlaid On-Screen Display with Quick Set-Up Menu * Direct Digital iPod/iPhone Connection * Top-Quality 192/24 DACs * Playback of Different Audio Sources in Two Zones

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Current Product: TX-NR414

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@fjreinders Please try to reset the TX-NR414 to factory defaults. If this doesn't help, please let a service point check the problem.

about 1817 days ago
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@riknil Short addendum to our answer this afternoon: You could use Windows 8 with your TX-NR414 via DLNA (except some special functions)...

about 1850 days ago
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@paulfran Unfortunately not - compatibility starts with model TX-NR414 (2012)

about 1857 days ago
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@nielshouwer @nielshouwer No, you don't need an extra WLAN Adapter, you can connect the TX-NR414 directly.

about 1874 days ago
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@rutgerleunen The TX-NR414 doesn't have a graphical OSD, this comes with the mid & highclass models only - so your AVR should be okay?

about 1930 days ago
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@JimPanseNRW Der UBT-1 ist kompatibel mit den Netzwerk-A/V-Receivern der Modellgeneration 2012 (TX-NR414 und höher) + Minisystem CS-N755...

about 1958 days ago
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@MtqMMEGA The 414 doesn't have "Video upconversion" function, therefore please connect a component video cable from TX-NR414(out) to TV(in)

about 2018 days ago
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Wie einfach die Bedienung Eures AVRs sein kann - dank der neuen Home-Taste (ab dem TX-NR414 und höher):

about 2098 days ago
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Jetzt auch in Deutschland! Zugriff auf Mio Musiktitel von Spotify über Euren Onkyo Heimkino-AVR. Am Bsp des TX-NR414:

about 2165 days ago
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Neueste Receiver TX-NR414/515/616, Netzwerktuner 4070 und Stereoreceiver TX-8050 bieten einfachen Zugang zu Spotify.

about 2167 days ago