Onkyo Music Hi-Res download service undergoes major revamp, announces Japanese music distribution exclusive

Press Release dated: 5 Oct 2017

Onkyo Music, the leading Hi-Res music download service and one of the largest sources of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Hi-Res music downloads, has undergone a dramatic site revamp that puts usability first and foremost.

Improvements include:

  • A cleaner, faster and easier interface, for more intuitive navigation
  • New visual SAYT (Suggest As You Type) functionality 
  • Flagging when MQA music is an available option 
  • Better filtering and sorting across different pages
  • Improved layout logic to cater for those seeking Hi-Res content
  • Clear identification of albums and singles on artist pages
  • ‘Breadcrumbs’ integration (for improved site navigation) 

With MQA gathering traction daily, Onkyo Music is now one of the largest sources of music downloads using the new digital audio technology. Users can currently select from a library comprising in excess of 16,000 MQA tracks, with more constantly being added.

The website will be under constant development to improve the overall experience, with further enhancements (e.g. such as even more granular filtering and sorting, the ability to take PayPal/AMEX payments) set to be added in the coming weeks and months.

As well as making fundamental improvements to the site, Onkyo Music (the overseas arm of e-onkyo music, one of Japan’s most popular Hi-Res download services) is also pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive Hi-Res European distribution arrangements with several key Japanese music labels. Our partners include:-

In addition, Onkyo Music has agreed non-exclusive European distribution rights for music from…

Exciting new content that will be made available will include popular anime and game soundtracks, as well as more traditional Japanese music.

‘Music's relevance to our day to day lives has clearly grown substantially,’ says Onkyo Music’s business development manager, Daniel Escobar, ‘music lovers have access to a range of repertoire that was totally unthinkable before.

‘Embracing high quality audio has become more practical as storage and bandwidth are no longer an issue, and Hi-Res devices – using new technologies such as MQA - are becoming more affordable by the day.

‘That’s why we have decided to have a cleaner and easier-to-navigate feel on our web store where users can navigate and easily find what they are looking for. Our ultimate aim is to create a seamless Hi-Res ecosystem, together with Onkyo consumer electronics, and provide the best music experience to our customers.’

Onkyo Music (available in the UK, Germany and the US) gives access to hundreds of thousands of 24-bit/44.1kHz (up to 192kHz) Hi-Res tracks and millions of CD-quality 16-bit FLAC tracks, as well as thousands of MQA tracks.’ 

The site can be accessed at…

…as well as via custom-built native apps for Android and iOS.

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